How do you make and save a video with alpha channels intact?

As to the topic, I have been trying to make a stinger, but according to the program that reads these videos, Alpha Channels must be added if you want parts of the video to go through to whatever is on the background. My problem is no matter what I seem to do, I can’t seem to get said Alpha Channels to export. Maybe I’m missing something here that is right in front of me and I just can’t find it.


I have exactly the same problem. I tried yesterday all kind of different possibilities for
saving a video with an alpha channel. VP9 and WEBM should be able to do it, but
this feature seems not to work.

I tried to add manually settings like pix_format=rgba420p or alpha_mode=1

Please help!


OSX 10.13.4
SHOTCUT 18.05.03 (GPU processing disabled)

Try Chroma Key filter

That won’t do it. I’ve long since moved on from this as it seemed there was no help for this.

Chroma Key filler is fine if you’re just trying to play the video in question.

When you want something like OBS to read it as a stinger and want the capability to still see the background, you don’t have the option to Chroma the stinger. So your option is Alpha channel in the video itself or nothing at all.

Sorry, I was responding to uwe269184 :slight_smile:

Answered here WEBM VP9 clip not showing alpha