How do you export marked parts of the timeline as an MLT file

I understand that you cant save only part of the timeline. I have a Marvel compilation with different marvel movies and I want to save only the Logan clips in sequence as an mlt, and do the same thing with each movie… Your adive doesn’t work at the start and end of all of the Logan clips for example. WHen I click SHift I, or SHift o at the end of the logan clips, it doesn’t cut the rest of the compo off?!?
This was your advice on the forum:
(using markers -I know how to use them) as an mlt file. 1. turn on ripple all tracks
2. navigate to start
3. ShiftI to ripple trim in
4. navigate to end point
5. ShiftO (oh, not zero) to ripple trim out
6. File > Save As…

Using Markers you can export only a part of the Timeline (export as a video, I mean). But this doesn’t work to Save only a part of the Timeline as a MLT file.

Also, ShiftI and ShiftO (or just I and O) are shortcuts used to trim individual clips, not to trim the Timeline.

If you want a MLT project with only those Logan clips, just create a new project, import the Logan clips in the Timeline in the order of your choice and Save that project.

You can run another instance of Shotcut and multi-select the Logan clips on timeline, copy them, and paste them into the second Shotcut. Or, likewise, you can copy them, choose File > New, and Paste them into a new project.

It wasn’t working to open two instances for some reason but maybe that’s because my ram was slow. It is working now, thanks for including two solutions, opening two instances works the best for me because it’s a big file and takes time to load.

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