How do you continue your work?

Just a small question:-
My PC isn’t starting because of some problems in the hardware, anyway it’s now getting repaired on the shop, and will take 5 days and there’s nothing necessary work for now, but I just wondered what would people do if there was no PC to work on (as your PC is not working), but you have a task that can be only done on PC. What will you do in such case?

Like you need to do heavy duty video editing, CG, 8K editing, installation of a exe, or a PC only task. And your PC is not working.

P.S:- Just a tip, check if your CPU has got overheated and getting in a very bad state , everyday. As that’s the same with me.

I have two laptops and one desktop PC - so there is always a back-up!
And i have many external harddrives where i hold copies of the most important files, like photos and videos. So i have at least tripple redundancy for data and CPU power. Unfortunatly my desktop PC used to be the best one years ago - but now is quite outdated technology wise. Its still on Windows Vista with 6 GB RAM and the first generation intel core i7 chips (Nehalem architecture with tripple channel RAM and 500 MB Graphic Memory). My newest laptop has 32 GB RAM and some quad core CPU (Lenovo P50).

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I do have 3 PCs, the one with the least spec is 4GB ram, otherwise one has 32GB ram and another 256GB, and a laptop that has almost same specs as the my desktop with the least power. And I already told that there’s nothing necessary for me, I was just wondering.

I was just thinking what would happen, if you only have single desktop or laptop.

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