How do I tell what is the best export option

I have vhs tapes downloaded that I’m editing but when I export it in the default, it makes the video quality so much worse than what it was. Which export format option would be the best for my vhs tapes? There are multiple that say camcorder but I don’t want to try each one because it takes like a half hour to export one vhs tape video. And I figure I probably want to go with one of the camcorder ones bc the vhs tape was made with a camcorder, am I right? I’m really not sure.

The answer to your question is not an easy one - cause it depends what you really want and on the quality of your video material and how you converted the VHS to video format?
You will find lots of discussions here about export format, video quality in relation to file size and de-/encoding speed or processor-power-usage. In general: if you want top quality - your file size will increase. If you want top quality with best-of-breed encoding you need a fast processor (also for decoding when viewing). I assume your VHS video quality won’t be the best possible.
You dont want to go further with quality settings than your base material really is.

I would go for H.264 (mpeg) with a descent quality setting (55 - 65%). This gives you a good compromise between file size, decoding handling and playback und broad usage possibilities as nearly all players can handle mpeg format.
I am sure there are more experts here to give you additional details. But first of all you should tell us your export settings/video format with details :wink:

I second what @RilosVideos said. Also, if you want to experiment, trim the video to just a minute or so and export that instead of the whole video tape-worth.

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