How do I move all video/audio over a few minutes, but still synchronized?

Title says most, but I am trying to move both my audio and video together since they are already synchronized. I would like to move my audio and video about one minute apart, is it possible to do this?

Yes, it is possible, but not all at the same time (as far as I know). I think I’ve seen a video tutorial on it somewhere here on the forum but I can’t seem to find it at the moment. Hopefully someone else will remember what it was called and will post a link to it.

The way that I do it is to create a “dummy” clip that is exactly the length of time that I want to move my clips. Then I copy and paste this clip into each track; perhaps Splitting a clip on each track at the same location and pasting the clip there. Once all of my tracks have been extended, I delete each instance of the “dummy” clip, leaving an empty space in the timeline.

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If you enable Ripple All Tracks you can move all the tracks at the same time when you paste the “dummy” clip.



Ripple all tracks will move everything on all tracks by the length of the inserted clip. If you want something to not move, lock the track.


If your video is one solid clip, and if your audio is one solid clip…

Place the playhead at the desire location on the timeline.
Snapping turned on.
Drag each clip over to the right until it snaps to the playhead.

If you have a series of cuts/transitions:
Save project (saves to mlt file).
Start a new project.
“Open MLT XML As Clip”
Now you can move them to the right as outlined above.