How Do I Make Motion Blur?

Working well - quick and easy to apply.

Very quick demo - 2 segments with Persistence (persistense?) applied, both at the default 50%.

Thank you @elusien, great work, well done :+1::+1:

Silliness with persistence.


Nice. :slight_smile:

The advanced keyframes on the Sniper filter are still buggy though. Apply the Sniper filter, activate advanced keyframes on either the X or Y parameters and put the mouse right on one of those value bars. Use the scroll wheel on the mouse to move the value of either X or Y to 85.50%. Then play the clip for a bit then pause it. Take now the mouse and put it over the percentage on the parameter to move the number in small increments. Scroll it either up or down. The cross hairs on the screen will disappear. Here is a demo.

Glad to see people having fun with the new filter.

I chose the name “persistence” correct spelling, rather than “motion blur” as it more accurately describes what it does. See for more information.

Hi @Elusien, just to let you know it is spelled in two different ways on your website. It comes up in Shotcut as “Persistense”.


Thanks for pointing that out. I have corrected the webpage.

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