How do I insert a .jpg into a video?

I just tried doing a search of previous conversations. I’m looking for information on how to insert a .jpg into a video. I just downloaded Shotcut last night, watching tutorials today so I can get started on making my first video for my website this coming weekend. Perhaps being so new to this forum, I couldn’t find anything. Can someone please send me a link? Thanks!

Hi @Jaxom

Here’s a tutorial by @UbitronicsUK showing how to add images to a project:

Another useful link for you: This playlist of 47 videos, by the same creator:

Playlist Description:

A complete and comprehensive set of tutorials on how to use Shotcut video editor.
This playlist covers everything for a beginner in the Shotcut video editor. It is split into short videos so you can quickly find answers to the tasks you want to perform.

Playlist link:

Shotcut Complete Tutorial


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