How do I fix mov file looking orange washed out on import?


I’m on an older iMac (late 2012) using Catalina and using the latest version of shotcut 23.11.29 and am brand new to Shotcut like just opened it up today. When I import a .mov file it looks all orange and washed out in the main window.

Including a photo of what it should look like when I hit get info in .mov file the T-shirt I’m wearing should be purple.

Tried settings video mode as automatic and as HD 1080p at 30 fps and not much changes. Is there a way to fix this or a setting I need to change?

The metal GPU code we are using in 23.x versions might be incompatible with your old system. Try the 22.12 version here

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Thank you I can’t get the download to work. Trying to get the shotcut-macos-221221.dmg version and click on it and nothing happens tried to open in new window and nothing happens.

Just found this site: Download Shotcut 22.12.21 for Mac | and downloading now. Will see if it works.

Okay downloaded and opened. For some reason I can’t do new project to go to the mov file as it’s all greyed out and I changed the destination from movie files to an external drive. So I just hit file new and plopped it in the left box. It looks normal now. Appreciate the tip about using an older version.

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