How do I export a video so that it's Whatsapp-compliant?

Hi, I’ve created a 90 second video which I want to distributed via Whatsapp.
Now Whatsapp apparently limits video sizes to 16 MB.
I shot it with iPad and currently it’s a ca. 200 MB MOV file.
How do I export my video to be just that size? (NB Video contains a song so audio quality oughtn’t be too terrible.)
Thank you!

I managed to scale the video down enough by quartering the horizontal resolution from 1920 to a brutal 480, this cut the size from 76 MB to 8. But this was guesswork. Essentially it’s too small now!
A “save as no larger than” option would be slick!

Here’s the math to make an export hit a target size in the meantime:

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