How do I export a selection from the timeline?

Hi there,
I am trying to export only a piece of the whole project, that is individual songs taken from a concert video with the sound recording as audio track.
I don´t get to select anything in the timeline (except for single clips out of one track, but never several clips out of different tracks at a time) and in the export menu I don´t see any options regarding the length of the clip (something like “export selection” or “starting from…”)- it always exports the whole length of the project.
Any suggestions?

Use S to Split at Playhead at the beginning & end of the clip you want to save. Select (by clicking the clip you don’t want) then Right click/Remove. Export.

If you have more songs you want to do this for after exporting, just CRTL Z a few times to get back what’s been deleted/split.

Thank you, but this does not really answer the question - in my case this method just takes too much time, since I already split the audio and video clips for each song. any alternatives? I mean the quick start guide recommends to “make a trial export of a little section” before exporting the whole, so there must be some direct way to do it without deleting all the rest?

Save your project. Then use file open mlt xml as clip. That will open your project in the source viewer.
You can then set in and out points using the i key for in, o key for out to select the section that you want to export.
Then go to export, in the options export from drop down, pick the filename of your project. This will export the selected section of your project.



thanks! this works. just by curiosity: why can´t i set the in and out points in the normal view mode? What does the Shift+I command do in the normal mode (I didn´t really figure that out, it sort of moves the clips around)?

On the timeline the i and o keys trim the video to the play head. Depending on which video or audio track is selected.

Shift+I trims the video and pulls the clip left, to the play head.

This thread might help make it more clear.