How do I create playlist

how do I stick videos in the playlist, trim them, speed some parts up, edit and all that jazz. Can I talk to someone personally through a chat of some sort thats instant like steam because I cant seem to find any useful guides.

When you load Shotcut, you can open files by either dragging them to the main window or using Open File. From there, you can trim a clip by dragging the ends of the scrubber and speed it up in the properties panel. You can also add filters to these clips individually without ever loading them into the timeline. When you are done, click the playlist tab at the left side of the player and click the “+” right above that to add it to the playlist.

what about layering footage by sticking some transparent footage over the original

For that you do need to load your clips into the timeline. Using multiple tracks, setting the top one to composite, and the chroma key filter you can layer your footage together. Transparency should work too, assuming the file itself has it set correctly, like for images. But if it doesn’t work right then it will just end up black I think, and in that case you set your key color to that. For more information here is a tutorial.