How Do I Create a Motion Tracking Object Moving Behind Someone?

How Do I Create A Motion Tracking Object Moving Behind Someone?

I want to have an object moving across screen, and then have the object temporarily disappearing behind someone for a short time.

Let’s say I want the object to temporarily disappear from 1.07 – 1.25, while someone is talking to the camera.

Could I accomplish this in Shotcut by doing the following?

  1. Creating two Video Tracks
  2. Duplicating the footage from 1.07 – 1.25, and moving that duplicate clip to the upper Video Track, so that it will be visible from 1.07 – 1.25, blocking the footage from the lower Video Track during that time (because the upper VT takes priority)
  3. Creating the Motion Tracking on the lower Video Track

Would this work?

Even if it would work, is there a ‘better’ way to do this (whatever ‘better’ means in this situation)?

Thanks for any help.

I just found this video by James Woo which explains how to create moving text behind him in the video

Here Put Text Behind Moving Object With Shotcut

James uses Glaxnimate, and a mask in this process, and I am wondering if this is the only way to accomplish this.


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