How do I change the file location and name of a mlt file?

Hello, I want to change the location of an mlt file I made in shotcut to a folder on my desktop, and I also want to change its name. I moved it onto desktop and tried loading it in, but it failed, I moved it back where it was and it worked.
Is there a way to change the location and name ?

You can change the name, but it will no longer be valid in Recent. That is OK, when you try to open something invalid in Recent, it fails to load and is removed from Recent. In that case, you simply use File > Open or drag-n-drop it from the file manager. If you change the location of the project file, all of the file references will be wrong if your media was in the same folder or sub-folders as the project and you did not move them as well. That is OK, because Shotcut will detect that and show a dialog of broken file links with instructions on how to resolve them.

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