How do I bring videos to the foreground or background dynamically?

Hi all,

I’ve got 3 video tracks in the timeline.

V3. A webcam
V2. Another camera from a different angle
V1. A computer game

I mainly want to use track V1. as the full screen background, and have V2. and V3. resized into small overlays in the corners. I know how to do this already. However, I am often going to want to swap so that, e.g. V2 or V3. becomes the full screen back ground, and V1. gets resized into the small window overlay in the corner. The problem is that whenever the high track numbers get made into full screen, they block everything lower down out totally. I need a way to alter the ordering of what appears on-top dynamically. Does anyone know how to do this?



The only way I can suggest is to cut the clips at the point you want to change the order, then actually change the order of the new clips on the tracks. I can’t see any other way of doing this since, as you have discovered, making V3 fullscreen will obscure V2 and V1…

Thanks Elusien. Yes, I can see that working. Is there some way to cut a chunk out from one track, and have Shotcut, copy over another track in the exact same position it came from in the timeline? If there’s not, I think the amount of effort to get things in the exact right position will be rather large. It’d have to be really precise becaus all of the audio and people’s lips moving will have to remain in exactly the right places.

I did think of another potential way to do it which was to make multiple copies of the same video in different tracks forall of the possible orders, and then use filters to turn tracks off and on as needed, either by using zoom to 0% or crop the whole track out. I was hoping there was a simple way to do it :frowning:


I would have a V4 track (switched off via the eye symbol) as a “helper track”.

Position playhead at the relevant point.
Use (Ctrl and DownArrow and UpArrow to move between clips without moving the playhead
Split the clips.
Cut-Paste the clips to the other tracks, using the helper track as a “holding” area.


Good advice :+1:

Also @DavidSWP, If you don’t plan to animate the clips when they swap from one position (and size) to the other, you could apply the SP&R filters to the track heads instead of applying them to the clips. Saves a bit of time.


In the example bellow, when a clip is on:

V1: Full screen, under the two other clips
V2: Small size, Top-Left
V3: Small size, Bottom left.


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