How do I add motion and zooming to still photos?y

I am new to Shotcut and love it thus far except that I can’t figure out how to add motion and zoom features to still photos. I’m attempting to create a soundtrack video of pictures from our recent vacation and would like the pictures to move across the screen and/or zoom in or out during the video. Is this not an option with Shotcut?

You can’t zoom or pan because there’s no key frame feature to Shotcut yet.
It’s on the top of the road map though :wink:

EDIT: You can try DaVinciResolve (free). It can zoom and pan.

You can zoom with Shotcut, and with Keyframes, you can zoom with motion. Zoom was recently upgraded to 500% zoom. Rotate & Scale filter and the Size & Position filter.

Today @sauron posted of his video, clearly shows what can be done with Shotcut. And within the first few seconds, zooming.