How can I Slow things Down and Gain more Accurate KeyFraming?

I posted this question in my other topic but wasn’t sure if the link would work. I made this video yesterday and posted today but not completely satisfied with it. I’m still fairly new to the program but have used it quite a bit within the last month or so. This was a tough one for me and besides working through a bit of lag from time to time I’m really curious how one would slow things down a bit so that I can achieve more accurate KeyFraming when trying to match words to a particular beat? This one moved a little too fast for me and was wondering if anyone had any experience doing something similar or any advice would be great.

I think what you are asking about is something that I wrestled with extensively in the Text and Line Effects tutorial that I recently completed - I wound up having to do a lot of clipping and stretching to get the narration more-or-less lined up with the video, and vice-versa. Since the motion in the tutorial video was not continuous, it was much more amenable to clipping out little segments than your video would be … but conversely you can work on clipping or stretching the audio. You can do this directly in Shotcut, or in an external program such as Audacity. Just be warned … it can be tedious!

One other thing that might be useful is the time remapping filter in the most recent version or two of Shotcut. I have not experimented with this yet, so can’t speak to whether or how well it might work for your needs …

Use the arrow key to move frame by frame.

Thanks my man… until reading this I’ve never even used my keyboard, for anything other than typing text lol I usually do everything with the mouse. Would’ve replied sooner but been with the wife while she recovers from her chemo treatment. God Bless

My prayer goes to her.


Thank you and God Bless you for the kind words :pray:

Thank you guys so much for the kind words may God Bless You :pray:

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