How can I put more distance between me and an object?

Hi, sometimes an object is direct in front of my eyes,
but I would like to move this object further away.
How can I do this?
Thank you, Frank

If the word “object” means an image inserted as a separate track, then you need to add a “size, position and rotation” filter to your object and adjust the size.

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Make the size of image smaller and move it downwards a little bit, should give the feel of it bieng far away.

Thank you for your reply, but obviously my request was not clear enough and so missunderstandable. I want to put the whole scenery of the vr clip more in the back.
So far I’ve learned that I can move the whole scenery to the right or left by using the
Transformation Filter with the yawn parameter.
I am searching for a similar solution that ells me which filter and parameter I have to use.

See my comment below and thank you also for trying to help me.

I]m currently running a test with the "size,position and rotation filter.
The zoom is Zero. I need someting like a negative zoom that gives more distance between the eye and the vr clip. Maybe that’s a more precise description of what I need.
Unfortunately all Tutorials are spokn too fast so I can’t follow them and they maybe done with an older version of shotcut. I use 24.08.24. Maybe this additional information helps.
BR Frank

Uhmmm…uhmmm…I believe there are more parameters than just zoom :slightly_smiling_face:
Like “size” Uhmm… Uhmmm…

In order to clearly understand your problem, provide some clear example, for example a video on YouTube, where the effect you need was achieved. I still don’t understand what task you are setting for yourself.

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Thank you for your reply. I experimentet with the size,position and rotation Filter and come to the conclusion that is it not possible to get what I want. So I will close the topic

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If you have a picture/video with an object too close, what scenery do you expect to fill the area around it, when you “zoom out”? It’s obviously not on your picture…

I agree, therefore I want to close the Topic, but I don’t know how I can close it myself.
So I’m waiting for the automatic closure after 3 months.