Horizon Editing Option for GoPro Hero 8 footage?

Just back from a shoot for the past few days in Rocky Mountain National Park, and while the footage is reasonably smooth, it’s also at a noticeable (though not dramatic) angle. Is there a filter in Shotcut to “set the horizon” or an equivalent function? I understand it will probably have to do a bit of cropping to do this, but I did make sure to shoot in wide figuring I’d have some correction needed :slight_smile:

I would add the “rotate and scale” filter.
On the same filter you can zoom and pan to still have a rect image.

Also, if you put multiple clips on the timeline then you can apply the filter to all the clips together by placing the filter on the timeline as opposed to on a single clip.

I’ll give that a try. Unfortunately on some clips it’s one direction and other clips it’s the other. I would have used a gimbal except these were POV hikes in the mountains, and losing a hand to holding a gimbal was not a desirable option. Still, that should get me something that lets me get them into a semblance of a single hike for a POV treadmill type use.


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