History panel selective rollback


How to rollback just one action … for exemple

  • action 1
  • action 2
  • action 3
  • action 4

I changed my mind regarding action 2 … I want to remove/rollback it but keeping action 3,4 and so on

How can I do it ?

Thanks in advance for any help

I don’t think so, each action is build on top of the previous, so can undo action 2, without undo 3 & 4


ok thanks … maybe in future …
maybe it can remove the action and not undo actions till the point I need undo … thanks again

I many case it is not possible.


  1. Add clip A
  2. add filter X to clip A
  3. add filter Y to clip A

if you undo 1., then 2 & 3 make no sense.

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