Hidden Shotcut shortcut

After 3 years using Shotcut, I just stumbled on this little trick by accident:

Right-click on any of the dotted handles to open a menu that allows to hide/show elements of the Shotcut interface.

I wonder how many of you here are aware of this.
I’m also a bit scared…
What if everyone but me knows about it ?? :scream:



Knew about that.

Already stumbled upon this a month ago. I use it very rarely in my work, but I think there should be a keyboard shortcut for this (to take off the bad habit of working by mouse which takes time), If there is a keyboard shortcut, then it would a better and faster way to open that menu.

I thought everyone knew about this from Day 1? I’m surprised you didn’t.

…kidding, I didn’t know either


Well I never!! Who knew??!

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You do not need to click on the dotted part. Right-click on any panel title bar or the main toolbar.

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Knew it, i remove top toolbar and use it, gives me a little more room

I did not know about it - thanks for the tip!

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