Hi. New-bee here. Unique requirement

Hi. I’m a songwriter…I have a very long song…45 min… and about 450 photos, one for each line almost.
I want to change the slide at will, rather than on a timer. A timer won’t sync with the words.
Can I do this with Shortcut?

Yes. You have complete control of when an image starts to be displayed and when it stops beimg displayed.

You can move the image along the timeline positioning it where you want it to start. You can then drag the image’s right edge to the point in time you want it to stop being displayed. Doing it for 450 slides may take some time - but it is doable.

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I see. I will have a go. I guess it’s the same as clicking a next arrow. I just need to pause the recording, note the time and drag the image to the time and repeat. If I understand you, this cuts the previous image and starts the next. I hope! Thanks for your quick reply

Use the new Markers feature.

Import your audio into the project then play it back. Hitting the M key as the song goes through will insert a new marker every time.

Bring your images onto the timeline and snap them to the markers.

Would save you doing all that play/ pausing and noting of timecodes.


Starting my demo now with this… Thanks for the help!!!

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