Herky/Jerky After Adding Text

I’m relatively new to Shotcut…so don’t know if this is “user error” or not. When I want text at a certain point I: 1) split at playhead, 2) copy, 3) paste to an added video track, 5) drag to align, 6) add Text plus Fade In/Fade Out via Filters. Now…when I play through that section its “choppy” or “herky jerky”. I’ve tried this with a couple frame rate videos…30 fps and 120 fps. Is it me or what?

Is it jerky in the preview or after you export it? If it’s just in the preview it’s likely your pc struggling to do the compositing in real time which isn’t uncommon especially on older systems for higher resolution videos however the export will be just fine.

That’s a possibility…I’ll Export and see what it looks like. Will get back.

My error…as I said I’m new. After exporting it was fine.

No worry.

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