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Hello I’m a newbie to Shortcut I exported a video file had an extension of mlt would not work when uploaded to computer to play. I exported it again selected YouTube on the left menu. It still did not work.

What I’m trying to do is play it on my website but it has the URL from my computer how do I change that otherwise it won’t work .I hope you will able to help me. Thanks so much!

MLT is a Shotcut project file extension. You get this when you Save, or Save As.

When you export with YouTube preset you get an MP4 extension (at default YouTube settings).
The preset only saves the file to your computer.
You have to manually upload that file to YouTube.
When you upload to YouTube it gives you a unique URL link to use.

I understand but I’m trying to upload to my website so what kinda of file can I use to save

What @Hudson555x is trying to tell you is that by “saving”, you are not creating a video file
to upload to your website or Youtube.
You are simply saving your project settings, cuts, filters applied (if any), that kind of thing.
It’s just a text file, with the mlt extension.

To get a video, you have to “export”, and here again, @Hudson555x provided the answer.
The default Youtube settings are recommended for Youtube and general viewing, your
personal website included.

Once you have exported the video, you still have to upload it to your website.
Shotcut will not do that for you.
How you upload that video (or any other file) to your website, you will have to investigate.
Some hosting providers will have a dedicated control panel, whilst others will require
you to upload via FTP.

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