Help with Rolling Transition


While experimenting I made the following attempt at a “rolling” transition using a couple of stock images, keyframes, a gaussian blur, and some noise.

It works, but it would be nice to make the rolling effect slightly smoother if at all possible. Any ideas on how to achieve this (along with any other improvements or advice) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey, that’s really nice. It looks good to me :+1: I think the only way of making it smoother would be to adjust your keyframing values. If it was me I’d experiment with speeding up the middle bit and slowing it down more at the end.

Hi Jonray, yes I’m going to mess around with a faster middle as you suggested. Thanks.

Also, I noticed I did mess up the transition between the two images. It’s barely noticeable, but here’s the “fixed” version with a slightly slower ending:

I can live with that. Thanks again.


Cool. Love it! :+1:

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