Help with export settings

Hello peeps, I am a non-technical person trying to export a 26 minute long video compiled with multiple still photos, mp3 music and video footage. I have sections of the video where I have increased the speed and am being frustrated by the end product when viewed on a DVD player.
Depending on the export settings I use I can either get the sped up footage and music to run perfect and clear but the stills are really grainy or I can get the stills looking smick but the sped up video bits (and the audio) go all stuttery and munted.
I’m probably trying to do the impossible here but I’d appreciate it if someone can offer some suggestions on how I may finish my movie to an acceptable standard.
many thanks, browndog

In today’s world “viewed on a DVD player” and “acceptable standard” is an oxymoron because it is not even HD. have you been using one of the DVD export presets?

I tried the DVD (SD widescreen PAL) setting and the video side of things worked great but the stills were very average. The second time I used AUTO FORMAT and got the opposite results.

What to use for export all depends on what you plan to do with it. Does it need to play on a DVD player? If so, then you need to use one of the DVD presets and accept the result - unless your DVD authoring tool is doing video conversion. Yes, stills are going to look very average at SD resolution! If you are not sure or want something generic use the defaults (aka click on Export > Reset returns to defaults). “Auto Format” is unclear. If you meant Format = Automatic from extension then it is not the same as Reset. It only changes Format and no other fields.

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. I’ll keep experimenting!