Help with Export Options (Codec Options)

I want the BEST options for my codec. I will be using libx265 for 8K video at 24 fps.

  1. What is better? Quality based or Constrained VBR?

  2. Based on what is better, what are the best settings for the codec? (Aka the Bitrate, Buffer Size, Quality, GOP, B frames)

I am not an expert at any of these really, and searching them up didn’t help, so I am hoping someone can provide me with the best options.

(If the audio info is needed: Stereo, 48000 Hz, aac)

Codecs are all about tradeoffs. What is better for one person might be worse for another person. We would need to know what you are trying to accomplish. For example, to get the very best quality, the file size will be huge. Maybe that is OK for you.

Yep, that is fine. File size is not an issue.

You could try 100% quality, I frame only. See if you are happy with the quality.


It works great! Thanks.

Just out of interest, if you change the quality to 67% do you see any difference in quality with the 100% export (I suspect none), and how much filespace do you save (I suspect a huge amount)?

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The original export was 50 GB, and with reduced quality (67%) its 13 GB. However, aliasing becomes slightly present.

Thanks for the update.

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