Help with codecs on Linux when exporting

Hey folks, first of all thanks for a great Linux program. So far seems easy to use and stable.

My issue is a standard one with Linux in general when dealing with audio and video - codecs!

I’m having trouble finding a good combination of settings that result in a video that is uploadable to youtube and efficient. So far I got mpeg working but wow are those files huge and they take forever to upload.

Another one I thought I had going had no audio when it was up on youtube. I forgot to record all the settings I chose so now I am doing that will all new tests.

Any help would be appreciated.

Tried the YouTube preset?

Interesting - that’s what those things are out there is presets :slight_smile: OK no I did not yet because I did not scroll all the way down on that list, but I will try it now. Thanks.

OK thanks I have it working now! Though the video is 5.3G and the 6 clips that make it up are less than 1G total in size. What can I do about that? That’s for 6.5 minutes

What do you have working?

I have no idea what you have done by way of setting adjustments to arrive at that exported size, so it’s impossible for me to offer any further suggestion.

What did I have working? Well, the ability to produce a video that actually can be viewed and heard :slight_smile:

Just using the Youtube profile as you suggested created a huge 5.3G video. I just used that profile and did the export from there.

Well you must have done more than that because I can take a 51Mb .mov file from my camera, drop it into Shotcut then use the Youtube profile to export it with the result being 20Mb.

So again, unless you can relay exactly, step-by-step what you are doing with your files prior to exporting the finished video, it’s impossible to offer anything further.

I will go through it in detail but probably not til after the weekend - pretty busy right now.

Are you using Linux too? That could be a difference.

Given the same parameters, the OS won’t make any difference to how a codec compresses media.

Looks like I am taking all the defaults when exporting and choosing the youtube profile, but it defaults to 60% quality so I bump it up to 100%. Doing that just now with 2 clips totally 10 minutes original are 1.3G and 241M and final product is 9.4G. So I’m doing another export now but switching it back to the default of 60.

Bumping up to 100% simply means no compression. So at best you are getting the same IQ as the original source but at an un-compressed data file size.
I always use the default 60% have have not noticed any degradation.

Oh and there is no audio playback on my local Linux host that I used to produce it (i.e. audio for the video not working), so I have to wait til it uploads to Youtube to find out just where the issue is.

At 60% it went from 9.3G to 831M. Audio is fine locally. Uploading to youtube as well to compare the two.

Here are my two videos. First the one done at 60%

and now the one done at 100%

At a cursory glance I can’t see the difference but I still have not had time to sit down and do a really good comparison.