Help! Sound has gone out of synch

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My 13 year old son has been using shotcut to edit his videos for a few months now, but this evening has encountered a problem with his sound going out of synch with the picture? I’m not very proficient with computers, so my only idea was to re download the software, which I did. But the problem persists :confused: I’m hoping that there is an easy fix, as my son is mildly autistic, and setbacks like this become major dramas for him!
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There is a fix in the next version. It is in beta right now if you are comfortable running it. There is an option to play a known synced file and apply an offset that lines the audio and the video back up with each other. Look under the menu: Settings > Synchronization.

For a faster easier fix, I might recommend uninstalling the current version and reinstalling the previous version that worked.

This can occur if the source file is encoded using Variable Frame Rate. It can be helpful to try to convert a source clip using “Convert To Edit Friendly…”

Maybe some clues here:

I’m confused though - it worked and then it didn’t, nothing changed until I realised downloaded to try and fix the issue. :thinking:

‘Convert to edit friendly’ is an option within the software?(I’m not a computer person, and I have to try and explain this to my autistic son

Select the video clip, select Properties, at the bottom you will see “CONVERT”, you can then select Good, Better, Best (according to how much compression you want). Then click OK.

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