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I have a recording problem with a clip in mlt which fails when exporting to H 264 mp4.
I have already recorded 14 others in the same way without problem.
Attached is the clip in question if someone can help me
Thank you for your help.
W10 +SC last version
cordially15 - Touristes - Sonorisé.mlt (32.0 KB)Journal.txt (3.5 KB)

recording problem or problem with export? - please be more precise in your question.
What do you record with which tools? What is the video format, size, codec of your footage?
What exactly is the problem with exporting? Does it crash, SC dump? Are there other problems with exported files?

Sorry, many questions open…

Failed with exit code -1073741819

search on that here and read:

Or possbily go to the timecode that is reported on the failed job and try to change things until it works.

Hello and thank you for your answers which appear to be a poultice on a wooden leg.
Knowing that I am a simple user and that the technical computer data are in the dark.
As for the error 1073741819 there is so much to read that it is discouraging because we get lost and we do not easily find the adequate answer.
What this conceives easily is stated clearly, at all hazards I had posted an example of the incriminated clip as well as the newspaper concerning it in order to analyze to find a possible answer.
So I made several attempts by removing the sound but nothing helps.
I can imagine that for a computer scientist it is annoying to have to repeat the same things over and over again to the neophites who for the most part make efforts to understand what is not necessarily within their reach, I apologize but I can’t help it, to each his own.
I renew my thanks to the designers for this remarkable application, which is all the more remarkable as it is free and particularly efficient and remains faithful to it as well as to the many people who take the time to help us.

Pas exactement, vous avez posté le fichier .mlt mais pas les fichiers sources qui composent votre projet. On ne peut donc pas essayer de reproduire le problème que vous rencontrez.

Not exactly, you posted the .mlt file but not the source files that make up your project. So we can’t try to reproduce the problem you are experiencing.

Hello again,
After several hours of effort I finally found the source of the export error.
This is because of the filter (size, position, rotation) on an image that I deleted and replaced by simply doing Z control and SC exported it without problem, it is even curious as an error and more curious as a remedy

Thank you for this clarification because in fact I had to differentiate source and project.
For the source ok it’s my image or video that I need to realize my project.
But project what is it according to you, for me it is what I am doing on the timeline.
If I’m wrong, please provide me with an explanation so that I can sleep a little less stupid.

Les fichiers “.mlt” de Shotcut ne contiennent ni les vidéos, ni les sons, ni les images du projet. Ce sont des fichiers “texte” dans lesquels on trouve les emplacements où sont stockés vos vidéos, images et sons (sur votre disque dur) ainsi que les instructions pour fabriquer le film final.
Quand j’ouvre votre fichier, Shotcut me dit qu’il lui manque les fichiers source, c’est bien normal puisque ceux-ci sont stockés sur votre ordinateur et pas sur le mien. Je ne peux donc pas voir votre problème si celui-ci provient d’un fichier vidéo que je n’ai pas.
Dans la capture ci-dessous je vois tous les noms et les emplacements des fichiers qui composent votre projet, mais je ne peux bien évidement pas y accéder.

Shotcut “.mlt” files do not contain videos, sounds or images of the project. They are “text” files that contain the locations where your videos, images and sounds are stored (on your hard drive) as well as the instructions to make the final movie.
When I open your file, Shotcut tells me that it is missing the source files, it is quite normal since these are stored on your computer and not on mine. So I can’t see your problem if it comes from a video file I don’t have.
In the capture below I can see all the names and locations of the files that make up your project, but of course I can’t access them.

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