Help please urgent

I’m about to have a Kylo Ren temper tantrum…

Please tell me this is fixable…

Shotcut was hanging for like a second between every clip after I had been editing for a couple hours. So I figured maybe it just needed to be restarted. I opened my project and now it’s doing this. I’m gonna be pretty upset if I just wasted 3 hours syncing the song and footage.

I deleted the unedited 90 minutes of the source video and it’s playing normally except I’m still hanging for a second between each clip.

I get the same stuttery audio when I import 4K or ProRes, but the result is always fine once exported.
One can’t really expect smooth flawless playback from the timeline when there are many splits and edits plus filters applied. A lot of it also comes down to how powerful your machine is.

Yeah there’s a lot of fades in the first 20 seconds and a bunch of quick shots to transition between. I did export it and it seemed to be fine. But hey you know what? I’m just glad I don’t have to use Windows Movie maker anymore. Shotcut is infinitely better.

It took me a month and a half to make this with WMM and there’s still a couple parts that bug me, but if I try and change them it will mess up the syncing on the rest of the video. It’s so much easier with Shotcut to sync music because you can actually see and frame by frame to get the transitions. Thanks for the reply.