HELP PLEASE, My Shotcut won't open

So, it shows this pretty much, whenever i try to Open it. Please help


[30-10-2017_21_07] Edit: And i took that link from the internet, and my Computer/Laptop is up to date, well there are a few Optional Windows Update, but thats about it. [30-10-2017_21_08]

If you have done all that you can with installing video card/GPU drivers, then Shotcut is simply incompatible with your system. Find something else.

Oh, well…thats a bummer, it used to work fine yesterday or so, i guess…somethng or kind of driver made it incompatible with Shotcut, bummer, because i was very found of Shotcut, but anyhow, thank you for your help, thanks for answering my question.


Try a system restore to before yesterday.

Oh, well thanks for the suggestion, i’ll keep it in mind for the future, and well for whatever reason, when i tried to Open Shotcut today, it just worked, it didn’t show the Message that i previously mentioned, its reliefing that my Shotcut works again, but also quite mysterious, why it has started working again, :thinking: but atleast my Shotcut works again :smile: tho thank you all for answering to my Problem, i appreciate the help very much :thumbsup:


[Edit_01-11-2017_19_04] So, my Shotcut had stopped working again, but it turns out that using a Older Version, just made it work fine, so i guess i should just stick to the Older Versions, i used the v17.08 Windows 64 Download File [01-11-2017_19_05]

As mentioned in the FAQ, sometimes clearing your registry settings for Shotcut helps. The safe way to do that is by using the checkbox option on the last page of the installer before install starts. It seems something in the settings - probably the window and panel sizes - can either get corrupt or contain something Shotcut UI does not like. I have not been able to reproduce it myself.