Help Dialog For Keyframes With Curves Is Also Appearing For Keyframes With No Curves

Shotcut version 21.06.16

Example 1:

Example 2:

I do not consider it as a bug, as this type of thing also happens in other video editors, it just gives you the guide to work on keyframe, whether it’s a single keyframe or 100s of them. It’s just a guide to keyframing.

You only have 1 keyframe @DRM , Curves only comes when we have 2 keyframes. If it’s also same for 2 keyframes, then you could post further.

Unfortunately, the code for this does not know what parameter it is on. So, we would have to visit 132 cases of where the button is used and add a line to provide that hint. :frowning: Meanwhile, it is simply an overly eager reminder. :wink:

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@Ar_D, I appreciate your enthusiasm but I’m not a newbie here. And I know how keyframes work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Funny how such a simple issue can still result in complicated coding. It certainly helps me acknowledge the work that it takes to make it all happen. :slightly_smiling_face: