Height of the tracks

This is great. This is exactly what I meant. Like this, everyone can organize their interface to their idea. Either display the timeline over the entire height, or reduce the height of the tracks on demand by editing the famous line “\ Shotcut \ share \ shotcut \ qml \ views \ timeline \ timeline.qml”.
Thank you Sauron.

I hardly ever use the menu. Seems the modification broke it.
To get it to work.change this to the same value as


you have here.


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I already thought about this, and I am not going to reduce the size of the icons. They are already small. Rather, the size of the track name field will be reduced. Also, at some point the audio waveform should overlap with the thumbnail or both go away. But, I have not gotten around to doing it. There is a bunch of little things I can keep doing and never get around to bigger, more important improvements…

Thanks @sauron! You’ve come to my rescue yet again ! :laughing:

Fair comment, thanks for considering it. I did change the track height as per @sauron’s suggestion though and I do find it’s a perfect size for working on my laptop - gives a nice big preview screen when 3 tracks are visible.