Having trouble resizing canvas

I am trying to create projects with a canvas 3x my source material (to be able to create split screens above/below or left/right without resizing the footage).

I can create a custom video mode, even basing it on the source footage to be sure of a match (e.g. opening the source in automatic mode, multiplying the height or width by 3, saving as a custom mode, then starting a project in that mode), but as soon as I import the material it seems to scale to the canvas or vice versa; rather than the material being one-third of the canvas with blank space above/below or left/right, it fills the entire canvas with no extra room to work with. I get the sense that Shotcut thinks that it is helping me, but it is very unappreciated…

Is there no way to force Shotcut to give me the canvas size I want and to import the source footage in the original resolution, leaving much of the canvas blank? Thanks for any help!

There’s no option to do this automatically but it’s very easy to fix: you’ll have to click on the video, add a Size Position&Rotation filter and type in 1920x1080 (or whatever the original resolution was) into the size text (you can also resize it to arbitrary values if you want to).

Shotcut will scale all media to fit the video mode, so as @daniel47 writes, you have to add an Size, Position and Rotate filter to a clip, if you don’t want it to be scaled to fit the video mode.

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