Having trouble changing aspect ratio and resolution

Hi, I’m super new to this program and am playing around in the hopes of eventually making a vine compilation. I have a whole slew of “vine” clips saved to my computer, all with both a resolution AND ratio aspect of 360 x 360. However, I’ve got this one anomaly of a “vine” file with a resolution of 640 x 360, and an aspect ratio over 16 x 9.

So far I’ve tried various combinations of cropping, zooming, and fiddling around with the properties of the file. Though I’ve been able to change some things, I can never get the clip to match the dimensions of the others. I’d post a screenshot but I don’t think the site will let me right now. Could someone help me?

tl;dr: I want to make a vine compilation but I have one file that’s not perfectly square like the others and trying to change it is driving me crazy.

Select the clip, add the Crop: Source video filter and click the Center checkbox. After that, you can adjust the centering using Center Bias.

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