Have A Different Highlight Color When Copying Clip

When clips are on the playlist they can be opened and copied. However there is nothing to indicate that the clip in the playlist has either been opened or copied. I have found myself sometimes thinking I have copied a clip when I have actually opened it and ended up changing the set start and end points or changing the name of the clip. What would be a great help is if when choosing to copy a clip the color that highlights the clip in the playlist is different than the normal blueish color that is used when the clip is opened. Maybe like a greenish color?

Is it possible?


I have run into this problem before too. I have not figured out a way to show the current playlist item with a different color that works across all of the different view types, but I can add a border around the thumbnail. Doing so requires changing the way this state is handled making this a bigger change than I had hoped. We’ll see.