Half-Length Import after starting Shotcut

Hi guys, found some problem with importing after starting Shotcut,

so I’m running shotcut (v. 17.05.03) from an external hard drive under Windows 10 and sometimes under Windows 7. If I start Shotcut and import an AVCHD (.mts) video from the same external hard drive it firsts shows only the half length. If I delete it from the playlist (don’t know how its called in the english version, I’m using the German) and re-import it, it works fine. I haven’t been able to try it with importing from an internal hard drive yet. If I open a new project and import a video it is also imported fine.

I also have another problem already mentioned in the forum. If I save the project and reopen it it doesn’t show the applied effects.

Would be nice if some of you could help me with these problems.

At least I want to say it’s a great job you’re doing, and I’m looking forward to having a Shotcut version with keyframable effects and maybe proxy-cut.

Maybe Path name of the files is a problem.

Do you have é à è … or blanks spaces in it?

At first, sorry that I haven’t answered 'til now.
No there aren’t are any ä ö ü é … or blanks spaces in the names.

One name is for example: “3_Kirche17.mts”

Sorry for the German name, but for seeing that its a “clean” name it should be ok.

Path name is not just the file’s name.

Oh yeah, of course, sorry I forgot.

In the path name there is a ä: “K:\Fotos\LuLuProductions\Aufträge\Wertingen\RAW\1_Zusaminsel.MTS”, but I tried it with a “clear” path name: “K:\Fotos_DSC0890.MOV” and it doesn’t change anything.
If you want I can attach screenshots.

Thank you very much for trying to help me.

I import .MTS files from my Panasonic camcorder regularly without any issues.
Perhaps the file is corrupted? Try transcoding it first in Handbrake and see if it fixes ‘something’…

If it works with some files, it’s should be something else than encoding and extension.

IMO, it’s more related to external drives, using 2 systems and autorisations.
Can you try from internal?
Then, can you try launching the program as admin?
Did you hve that with precedent versions of Shocut?

If it works with some files but not others, then the problem is very likely with the file.

I mostly import from my HDD but I often import directly from SD card in an external USB reader, no issues encountered.[quote=“Keno40, post:7, topic:1588”]
Then, can you try launching the program as admin?
ShotCut doesn’t needs elevated permission.[quote=“Keno40, post:7, topic:1588”]
Did you hve that with precedent versions of Shocut?
I’ve been using ShotCut for quite a while and used each version as it was released. Of course now I am using the most recent version.

And you can try to change shotcut language to english. It worked on some versions.

So, at least I found time to answer:
Switching language to English, didn’t change anything.
And the problem is with any files, there’s no exception.
Until now I haven’t had time to try it from internal, but I will do this, as early as possible.