H264_nvenc in v23

I’m getting the same issue, exported videos freeze upon playback, in MPC-HC and VLC.

I exported a 720p video using h264_nvenc. When trying to playback in MPC-HC, black screen, no forward motion, playback time not advancing. If I skip ahead in the video about 90 secs, playback kinda starts, except I get video and audio that is out of sync.

VLC starts playback with correct audio, and a random frame display, frozen. Skipping ahead displays another frame frozen.


I reproduce this now. Neither hevc_nvenc or h264_qsv are affected. Tried a couple of easy things like upgrading NVIDIA Codec SDK and switching from deprecated encoding parameter global_quality to qp as suggested in export job log. Neither of these made a difference.

Update: I found this was due to B frames. Changing that codec parameter to 0 fixes the problem, and is a workaround.

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The workaround is applied to the next version to make it automatic.

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