Guide me on this please, how to do this

Hello, i have to put my video1 inside a small frame of another video2. Video Screen size is 720p HD quality, My video2, inside it there is small frame same as photo frame. I want to put my video1 inside that small photo frame at the center. I have added flowers around the frame (Video2), it looks good. Now i want to put video1 inside video2. The video2 Surroundings are static, means they are not moving. only the video1 i put inside photo frame will play.

i mean i have made a video2 that has a small photo frame inside it. Now i want to put video1 inside that photo frame. How to do this?

You should be able to accomplish this quite easily with a filter. Use the size and position filter on the video that will overlay the background video. Adjust the size and position until it is in the frame.

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These two tutorials might help you with what you’re trying to do.