Growing Ink Effect/ Expanding color

How to make a “Expanding Color” effect. I want to make a territory expand on a map. But how does it work?

The simplest way would be probably just to zoom in :slight_smile:

You could make a duplicate of the area you want to expand (if nessecary use masking) and put the original clip underneath. Than you add size&pos. filter on top of the first track with the cutout and animate the size with keyframes.

As @RilosVideos says, the simplest is a zoomed in color overly. That works great if you want the color overlay to keep the same shape.

What if you want the “one country after another” effect?

It takes a lot of work before going into Shotcut, yet it is doable.

Using your map as a template, in The Gimp or Photoshop create a series of color masks, one for each territory of expansion. Export them from the photo-editing program in PNG format, with transparency surrounding the opaque color mask, (Make the mask itself opaque; you will add transparency to that part in Shotcut; but the surround in the ping must be transparent.)

Now stack all of your masks, each on its own track, on top of your map track in Shotcut. Add an Opacity filter to each mask, and enable Keyframes for each Opacity filter.

Now as the video progresses, you make the masks progressively become visible using Keyframed Opacity.


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