Grouping clips

I’ve seen some posts about it but possibly overlooked a feature request. I’ve used grouping in many applications and though I can get by without it so far, it might be a good idea for a future feature.

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This is already on the roadmap:

  1. groups in timeline


Please tell me if you have information on when the implementation of this functionality is planned?

  1. groups in timeline

We do not make a timeline for the roadmap. We just work on things in order. But since it is #8 and no one has specifically volunteered to work on it, it probably won’t be this year.

Thank you, I understand.

Without grouping functionality, it is difficult to make videos with many fragments :slight_smile:

Revealing my ignorance here … what would this feature do?

One example: If you had 10 clips on a track and wanted to move the middle 4 a certain distance to the right/left without affecting the other clips, you’d group these 4 together and move the group as a whole, rather than moving each of the 4 clips individually.

You can already select multiple and move all of them. A group is something remembered such that clicking to select one in the group selects all in the group.

Got it - this would be like being able to group and ungroup objects in Inkscape. I could see some potential usefulness …

Thanks for this little gem. I never knew it and have been moving clips individually . This will speed up some of my editing.

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That’s what I thought. I think this functionality was introduced a while back of being able to CTRL+click multiple clips and move them as a group.

You can also shift click for range selection.