Green Background with softening foreground image

Hi …
Yes it’s me again trying out to improve on super imposing a video clip with green background to another video/image. I found out that in Blender, there exist ways to make the foreground image soften nicely around the image against the background.
I tried to use the various chroma key filter in SC but does seems to find one that can do it.
I would very much prefer to use SC for long video and not Blender if I can find a way around this in SC.

To show you what I mean … here’s the video clip with foreground image soften at the edges against the background image I manage to create in Blender. I like to do the same in SC … if possible.
Any one … any suggestion what’s the appropriate set of filters to use?

You can adjust alpha channel by applying “Alpha Channel: Adjust” . You can feather the alpha (Mode: “Shave”), and/or shrink alpha (mode: “Shrink Soft”)

You can see how it’s affecting the alpha channel directly by applying “Alpha Channel: View” .

hi @pdr
That works pretty well using the “shave” mode on the edges.
Thanks :slight_smile:
The Alpha Channel:View … that now I learn is useful for fine tuning.
However I could not figure out how to create the misty feel …
Do you know which filter I can use to create a “misty” looking image ?

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