Gpu Rendering Not available in Ubuntu 18.04?

Hi Everyone!
I just switched to Shotcut yesterday (19.02.28 from the Ubuntu Snap Store) and I was trying to configure it correctly before starting editing.

In many posts I’ve seen that under the Settings tab there should be an Experimental GPU rendering option, however I cannot find it in my installation of the software.

The computer I run shotcut on has the following specs:
-Ryzen 7 1700
-AMD RX580 8GB

  • 16 GB DDR4
    -Ubuntu 18.04 + Latest Mesa Drivers from the Oibaf Repo.

Could someone tell me what additional steps do I have to take in order to activate GPU rendering please?



GPU rendering has been removed. To activate it you need to edit the config file. Do not complain if it breaks things.

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