GPU processing corrupted project file

I was trying the GPU processing feature and wanted to turn it off. I had also turned off Real Time before this.

While gpu.p. was enabled I added the filter gpu>tone up at the very beginning of the project. I am not sure about the sequence of the following steps.

I disabled gpu.p. and let shotcut restart. I opened the project but shotcut crashed. I did this again with same result.
I then enabled gpu.p. again and now I could open the project. I noticed the filter had GPU as a title and not Video as my other transitions had. So I removed it, saved and disabled the gpu.p. feature.

But it makes no difference. I cannot have gpu.p. disabled and open my project.

I am running on windows home premium 7 64 bit, account has admin rights.

Windows crash error:
Navn på problemhændelse: APPCRASH
Programnavn: shotcut.exe
Tidsstempel for program: 5897a775
Fejlmodulnavn: libmltcore.dll
Tidsstempel for fejlmodul: 5897a487
Undtagelseskode: c0000005
Undtagelsesforskydning: 000000000000acbb
OS-version: 6.1.7601.
Landestandard-id: 1030
Flere oplysninger 1: c5dc
Flere oplysninger 2: c5dc32db08dbe82e2e56819f39e51b62
Flere oplysninger 3: d6c4
Flere oplysninger 4: d6c44d335baf3816462965933eb8b00c

What else info you need, please ask… I am not very knowledgeable on bug reporting.