GPU encoding but showing CPU at 90% and over 8 hours


I’ve not long been doing my own videos for YouTube. I’m doing gameplay so an hour video at 1080p. I have the YouTube preset highlighted, and as I have a better GPU (GTX1080) I have h264_nvenc & hevc_nvenc ticked only. I have also ticked the “use hardware encoder”.

I’m using Windows 10 on an i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3501 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) with 16Gb RAM.

I’ve been leaving my computer to encode the video over night, but in 8 hours I’m only getting 60% of the encoding done. I know encoding takes a long time, but I would have thought it would take less time than this using a GTX1080 doing nothing else.

It also seems a bit strange that even though I’ve selected to use GPU, when I look at task manager, under performance, it shows CPU at 90% usage, and the GPU doing virtually nothing at less than 1%? It also shows on the processes tab, the application Shotcut.exe using 90% CPU and 1% GPU.

It all just looks like it’s not actually using the GPU at all.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I’ve not selected?

I’ve read some of the suggested posts for this, and it talks about enabling GPU encoding in the registry, is that still necessary? If yes, it mentions an article on doing this but I’ve not been able to find it can someone provide a link?

I also read that all other encoding is done by CPU, given my spec, should a 1 hour gameplay video be taking this long?

Many thanks for your help.

View the job log with lines mentioning nvenc, and it should show the GPU being used. The GPU is only used for encoding, but there is much more to make an edited video that is not GPU encoding: decoding, image processing (filters and track mixing), and audio. So, it is very normal for it to use a lot of CPU and not a lot of GPU on projects that have multiple tracks and filters. However, your description also leads to believe it may be stuck in a loop at around the 60% point that you mentioned. You can look in your timeline at around the 60% point to see if there is something special that is causing a problem.

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