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Yes. I’ve been reading all that I’ve found about this subject in this forum, and use the “Convert to Edit-Friendly” is an easy way to use “proxy” files. Other people are using the HuffYUV codec for this. Someone suggested use AC3 for audio instead AAC or FLAC.

And, as if you use lossless codecs, you get really great files, common sense says that you are better using a SSD than a HDD.

Another tip I’ve read is deactivate IFC if you use h264 for your files, that can decrease CPU usage dramatically.

Anyway, it would be great if someone with real knowledge write a guide to do it, because maybe using the “Convert to Edit-Friendly” presets let you have all these tips (no IFC etc) implemented.


You refer to inter-frame compression, not to be confused with intra-frame coding. It can be confusing to use an initialism like this. For the readers, this means no P- or B-frames, only I frames. Yes, the H.264 Edit-friendly conversion preset is without inter-frame compression. It says on the dialog when you change the slider to good/medium: “I-frame-only.”

However, edit-friendly is not the same as proxy. With proxy, you need to swap the media files for the final render, but not so with edit-friendly. A proxy workflow may either return to the original source media or to edit-friendly converted files for the render to make the result more predictable and reliable. Otherwise, the software might have some challenges to accurately seek on some source formats or files (and other yet to-be-discovered problems once the feature is added into Shotcut and gets more exposure).


Thanks for these clarifications.:blush:
I will do a test with a project that incorporates several effects to verify the experience in video editing.
I will share my impression on the result of these adjustments.:film_strip:
Thank you.


Thank you very much. You are a great developer and a great supporter too. And very very quick answering questions and fixing and upgrading this project.

I will try some things like ejmillan, and share results here too.


I was thinking about all this.:thinking:
My last somewhat complex project in Shotcut was the main video, two videos rotated 90º on top of the main video, to which I added chroma key simple.
I also added another video with a circular mask and a pair of PNG images.
Each media file had fade-in and fade-out.
Regarding the audio, I used 3 stereo track (to make a synchronization between the videos)
I thought about using the same media files and the same configuration to test the methods that have been explained in this thread, but I realized that this involved a lot of processing time.:timer_clock:
So I thought that one way to do this test was to use small fragments of all these videos. Instead of editing a 5-minute project I would edit a project of 1 minute or less.
Before getting down to work, I also thought that it might be advisable to have some average reference files for all the users that want to perform tests (videos, images, music, etc.) so that the results of the tests of the different users were comparable.
In this way, saving the differences between equipment (processor, graphics card, configurations, etc.) we would arrive at more conclusive data.
Would it be possible to do something like that? What do you think about the idea?:question::question:

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