GPS Text filter - Minor bug: New fields (cadence, temperature...) are not visible

Windows 11 Home - 22H2
Shotcut version: Build 23.08.16

The new fields recently added to the GPS Text filter cannot be selected in the ‘Insert GPS field’ menu (no slider, no mouse wheel).
Only previous fields are displayed:

The new choices can be found in ui.qml file (cbox_strings_v3), case 15 to case 20.

Workaround: Manually input the desired fields (#gps_…#), and create a filters set for all the chosen fields.

It seems the filter version check fails in this nightly build. The .yml seems to be in the right place and with the correct version, maybe @shotcut can shed some light here as the check worked in my local build with the correct .yml present.

As a workaround you can manually replace model: gps_cbox_strings with model: gps_cbox_strings_v3 (on line 791) to skip the check.

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Done. Thanks :grinning:

I have no idea how the version check was working because the MLT qt module, which is compatible with both Qt 5 and 6 was clearly only looking in the data dir (share) for the Qt 5 version (qt), and I had to make a fix to look in qt6. Fixed now (in MLT).