Glitchy video after export

So I’ve put together a little video that I want to show and when I watch it in shotcut on the playback everything looks great. Then I export it as a mp4 and go to watch it and the whole video is just glitchy. What did I do wrong?

Mostly you haven’t given anywhere near enough information about your system, OS, Shotcut version, file, edits, export settings or an example so [we] can know precisely what you mean by ‘glitchy’.

I use Windows… I have the latest version of shotcut… I am simply just blending two videos into one video. When I view the rendered video parts of it shake up and down while playing.

Do you still have the edit file? If so, can you open it and take a screenshot?

Sorry for the late reply. Anyway, it looks fine, I can’t find anything wrong with it.

@Steve_Ledger , please help.

The OP said;
“When I view the rendered video parts of it shake up and down while playing.”

A screenshot does nothing to help me see what they are seeing.

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I asked the OP to send a screenshot to find any anomalies. So far, there’s none. Sorry for the inconvenience. Anyway, @STC413, did you manage to fix it?

But what are you looking for in a single screenshot that shows no evidence of two videos, no joins, no information about the source/s (resolutions, ratios and frame rates or their codecs). No areas on the time line show any splits or transitions, we don’t know anything about which filters may have been used and what their settings are, and so on. There’s not even an image in the preview window.
At the very least a sample of the ‘jumpy’ video will be useful so that we can ‘see’’ what they see…

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