Glaxnimate – reduce or remove from portable installation?

Currently, the portable version of Shotcut has 19+k files. Checking subfolders, I see that 16+k of these files are located in Shotcut\share\glaxnimate\glaxnimate\icons\

Q1. When not planning to use Glaxnimate, is it safe to remove this folder to make Shotcut’s footprint smaller? Cloud sync apps do not like too many files when syncing.

Q2. When not planning to use Glaxnimate, is it safe to remove the entire Glaxnimate by deleting Shotcut\glaxnimate.exe and Shotcut\share\glaxnimate\? My main goal is just to trim videos and removing their sound. If a menu item or two will start crashing due to missing Glaxnimate, I won’t mind.

(If I want to use the app with Glaxnimate, I would unpack the full version again, into a location which is outside the sync scope of the cloud storage.)

It does not crash if you remove glaxnimate and its folder in share.

If Glaxnimate is not found and you try to use a Glaxnimate feature, Shotcut shows a file dialog asking for the location of glaxnimate executable. This accommodates builds not made by us that do not bundle them.

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