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I’m sure there is a reasonable justification why you force users to register on this forum just to leave a feature request.
But it actually does a counterproductive thing: at the moment people see that they have to spend extra time registering on a random forum they’ll never visit once again just to leave their feedback - they just drop it and go to another software. It’s incredibly frustrating being forced to jump through some hoops just to report about some clear UX issue (which, strictly speaking, usually fall into “feature requests” category, and UX for most users is the # 1 factor to choose a software).

Please consider revisiting your github rules for new issues - to allow posting ALL the kinds of reports there, not just bugs.

Yeah, I know, you can say this way you filter out all the meaningless reports from users who are too lazy to even register here. But in reality, this forum-registration wall simply hides you from real users’ feedback. Those who use software not to brag about it, not to feel a part of the community, but to actually use it.

So you’re saying a user can’t be bothered to register for 30s (even less with google/facebook) but instead they would spend tens of minutes to research+download+install and learn another software because of a UX issue?

I don’t know what the issue rules are on github, but you also need to create an account there to report anything so to me it sounds very subjective.

You can use GitHub to submit a feature request in the form of a pull request.

It’s MUCH more than 30s if you have multiple email accounts which aren’t linked together.
As for registering on GitHub, most of the users who have discovered ShotCut in a first place, probably have a GitHub account already.

So, effectively, the policy is: “give the pre-made patch, register on our forum to even say a word or GTFO”.
Well… it’s an approach, too.

The same random forum that is found on the website that offers you a download of an open source and highly effective NLE video software that is well maintained and supported by both developers and users alike? The same forum that offers nothing but help, support and encouragement. Again, for free.

Not really much to ask is it nor is it a massive waste of time surely?


You can feel any way you like about users not willing to
a) spend extra time
b) register on a forum of a self-contained, isolated community living in it’s own bubble all about a single software
c) maybe not even willing to give their email.

Yeah, all those users who can’t even do that - they all are ungrateful parasites. I see your point. But forcing everyone to register here just to be able to leave feedback - this is gatekeeping in it’s most literal form.

Not everyone should or must be passionate about a software to use it. In fact, those who actually work as professional editors treat any software they use as just that: a tool, nothing more. And if they see an issue with it, they might want to leave a feature request. But at the moment they’re redirected to a forum - the one and ONLY place to leave a feqture request - not a discord server, not a reddit section, not a github issue tracker - and they’re not asked, they’re DEMANDED to register - they simply turn away.

That’s what I tried to point your attention to. By the current approach, maintainers simply isolate themself from users’ feedback, listening only those who’s already satisfied with the software.
But yeah, you can just ignore what I wrote here and mock my words. That’s a response, too.

You are not changing my mind, and I like the gate. People can and do leave feedback in other places, and sometimes I see that. There is no shortage of ideas and work, and much of my effort is not about serving the users. If you want to talk to me somewhat directly about the software outside of a hard defect, registration here is the small price to pay.

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